The Beginnings

In 2005, Jenny Khouly-Rosario acted on her dreams of not only becoming a REALTOR, but also of owning her own Real Estate Company in Antigua. Throughout this time, it was unknown to her that her father and family history included a background in the Real Estate Business. It was only in brief conversation about her ideas with her brother Jack Khouly, that Jenny was told about her father’s company “Atlantic Realty” which was prosperous for many years in Antigua.

As a result of this news, Jenny would not only continue her father’s dreams in the Real Estate Business, she would also go a step further and call her company just as her father did in 1990’s “Atlantik Realty”, but this time having a twist of replacing the ‘c’ in Atlantic with a ‘k’ for their surname Khouly.

She then began her journey of educating herself about the Real Estate business while still working & residing in Florida. In 2010, she began working with her husband’s family owned Mortgage Broker business in Florida, where she would assist in negotiating with various banks for her clients on Short Sale Properties and was very successful with it.

Finally in 2011, still feeling somewhat unfulfilled in her career, Jenny decided to become a licensed REALTOR(R) in Florida and officially formed her newly named Real Estate business in Antigua ‘Atlantik Realty’.

“ My dreams & vision included becoming an International Real Estate Agent where I can use my international/local connections within my role of REALTOR(R) in Florida to bring more awareness to Antigua & Barbuda and the opportunity it offers to Real Estate Investors.”

Today, Jenny is fulfilling her dreams and doing business internationally as a Real Estate Professional. Some of the countries she does business with includes Germany, Greece, Morocco, Dubai, China, Australia, Lebanon, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Canada, United State, Trinidad ……and the list continues to grow as she continues her journey of meeting many successful entrepreneurs like herself who also have a vision beyond the ‘norm’.

“I have the entire world as my platform.”

She gives Thanks to her parents John & Adele Khouly and her husband Leonardo Rosario, who throughout this entire process is responsible for keeping her humble and grounded as an individual. She continues to be supported and encouraged by her father to expand and think “BIG” with her future plans of developing her Real Estate Business.

“I have great respect for my parents and thank them for raising me to have high morals and ethics as an individual and in my work.”